HCG 5000 iu


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) 5000 iu is a polypeptide hormone that naturally occurs in both men and women. In women, it’s created during pregnancy, and men during puberty. In the medical world, it can be used to treat fertility issues in both sexes.


Product Description

HCG 5000 iu is a popular alternative to Testosterone Replacement Therapy, which famously comes with a host of side effects. Therefore, the polypeptide hormone can contribute to the anabolic growth-promoting state that many men, particularly athletes and bodybuilders, desire. This helps to build and repair muscle more easily and when coupled with a low-calorie diet, can reduce body fat whilst suppressing hunger.

Key Benefits:

  • Alternative to TRT
  • Enhances anabolic activity
  • Supports lean muscle growth
  • Repairs muscle
  • Suppresses hunger levels
  • Aids in melting fat

Product Information


Human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) is a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy. It is also used by athletes and bodybuilders to prevent hormone recession caused by steroids and to restart testosterone production. It is also thought that it has a moderate anabolic effect which helps to increase strength and stimulates muscle growth.

The science

HCG is a glycoprotein (a class of proteins with carbohydrate groups attached to the polypeptide chain) hormone that’s produced in both men and women. It is naturally produced in large amounts during pregnancy and by some tumours. Its physiological action is similar to luteinizing hormone but hCG has a much longer half-life. Male athletes who are on anabolic steroids use hCG to restart the testosterone production of the body thus preventing the hormone recession induced by a round of steroids. In addition, it is thought that hCG has a slight anabolic effect which makes it useful for bodybuilders, and athletes to increase muscle strength and stimulate muscle growth. It is also used by women, in combination with other fertility drugs to stimulate conception.

Key benefits

As mentioned above, hCG can be used for both men and women. Here are the key benefits for each group:


  • Improve fertility – by stimulating testosterone production, which in its turn increases sperm production;
  • Restore the size of the testes which might’ve shrunk due to anabolic steroid use;
  • Improve libido (which might’ve been affected by the decreased testes size and lower production of testosterone);
  • Improve athletic endurance & performance especially before a competition – due mainly to the increased testosterone levels;
  • Safer testosterone level increase by avoiding the side effects of other testosterone replacement therapies.


  • Stimulate ovulation;
  • Improve fertility.

Dosage protocol

The recommended dose for Hypogonadism in males is:
500 to 1000 units IM 3 X per week for 3 weeks
Followed by 500 to 1000 units IM 2 X per week for 3 weeks
Or alternatively
4000 units IM 3 X per week for 6 to 9 months
then 2000 units IM 3 X per week for 3 months

For renal use and any other use, please consult your physician and follow instructions.


Bodybuilders who are on anabolic steroids (e.g. testosterone) also sometimes use hCG to prevent or reverse certain side effects of steroids (e.g. gonad shrinkage and infertility). hCG is also prescribed in combination with other fertility drugs to women who are trying to get pregnant.


If hCG is not reconstituted it could be stored at room temperature between 20 – 25 °C. If already reconstituted, it must be kept in a refrigerator and used no later than 60 days after mixing.

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Product FAQ

HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) is a polypeptide research hormone that both males and females naturally produce. Mothers-to-be make it in huge quantities during pregnancy, while males generate high hormone levels during adolescence. In fitness, its primary use is to restore natural testosterone levels in bodybuilders.

HCG 5000 iu has a wide variety of applications in the medical field, most notably for fertility treatments. It can treat delayed puberty and cryptorchidism (undescended testicles) in males. HCG 5000 iu may lead to increased energy levels, improved endurance, and reduced body fat when taken as directed. It may also stimulate the production of testosterone, leading to an increase in muscle mass and strength.

HCG 5000 iu targets the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the brain, stimulating them to produce natural hormones to help regulate and maintain a healthy reproductive system. It can also act as an anti-aging agent, improves overall well-being, and aids in weight management.

Several clinical studies have been conducted on the effects of HCG 5000 iu, showing that it can be an effective tool for improving fertility and restoring natural hormone levels in subjects. In addition, some studies suggest that it may help lower body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and improve endurance levels.

HCG 5000 iu is often combined with other research hormones such as Clomid and Nolvadex to help restore natural hormone levels, reduce the side effects of steroids, and enhance performance. Fitness enthusiasts may pair HCG 5000 iu with protein powders, creatine, or testosterone boosters. Always take HCG 5000 iu as directed by a qualified medical professional.