Bacteriostatic Water 10mg


Bacteriostatic Water 10mg is a high-quality, sterile diluent solution designed for research purposes. Manufactured under stringent quality control measures, this product ensures safe and effective research applications


Product Description

Bacteriostatic Water is a premium-grade diluent renowned for its dual functionality. Unlike standard sterile water, this solution is infused with a bacteriostatic agent, typically benzyl alcohol, which actively inhibits the growth and reproduction of bacteria. This unique feature ensures that the water remains contamination-free over an extended period, making it an ideal choice for various medical and research applications

Key Benefits:

  • Sterile and safe for research applications
  • Inhibits bacterial growth, ensuring long-term usability
  • Versatile, can be used in various types of research
  • Easy to use and store

Product Information

Product Name: Bacteriostatic Water (10mg)
Molecular Formula: H2O (with bacteriostatic agent)


Bacteriostatic Water serves as a cornerstone in the realm of scientific research, particularly in experiments requiring a sterile medium. Once introduced into the research environment, it acts as a safeguard against bacterial contamination, thereby maintaining the integrity of the experiment.

In terms of molecular structure, it is akin to distilled water but with the added benefit of a bacteriostatic agent. This makes it a critical component not just in childhood scientific explorations but also in advanced research, continuing to offer its bacteriostatic advantages.

Research has indicated that the use of Bacteriostatic Water can significantly reduce the risk of bacterial contamination in lab settings. This is analogous to the way IGF-1 impacts longevity, suggesting that it could be a game-changer in extending the shelf-life of various biological samples.

Its role is not limited to merely being a diluent; it also facilitates the reconstitution of lyophilised compounds like peptides. For instance, it can be used to reconstitute vials containing lyophilised powder, ensuring that the reconstituted solution remains free from bacterial contamination for an extended period.

This water is usually sold in vials, often in 10mg quantities, and can be easily reconstituted with lyophilised compounds by adding the appropriate volume. This makes it a versatile and indispensable tool in the realm of scientific research.

Product FAQ

Bacteriostatic Water is a type of water that contains a bacteriostatic agent, usually benzyl alcohol, that inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Unlike Sterile Water, which is devoid of any bacteria but can still support bacterial growth if contaminated, Bacteriostatic Water contains an agent that prevents bacterial growth.

It is generally safe for injection for research purposes, but it is crucial to follow the guidelines and protocols provided.

It can generally be stored for an extended period, usually up to 28 days, if stored properly.

You can be purchased from specialised suppliers like Platinum Research Compounds and other scientific research stores.