GHRP 2 – 5mg


GHRP-2 is a short hexapeptide comprising 6 amino acids to prompt growth hormone release. An ideal peptide for bodybuilders, it simplifies the process of building muscle mass and helps to shed fatty deposits with each use.


Product Description

Thanks to the inclusion of a newly discovered gut peptide known as Ghrelin, bodybuilders can expect lean muscle growth from improved growth hormone secretion. This peptide also significantly increases the user’s hunger. And with the ability to improve libido, as well as enhance the appearance and feel of both skin and hair, GHRP-2 ultimately ensures the entire body is at its prime.

Key Benefits:

  • Encourages growth hormone release
  • Aids in building muscle mass
  • Increases hunger
  • Improves libido
  • Enhances quality of skin and hair

Product Information

Product Name: GHRP-2, Pralmorelin, KP-102, GPA-748, WAY-GPA-748.

Molecular Formula: C45H55N9O6

ghrp-2- growth-hormone


GHRP-2 (Pralmorelin) is a short hexa-peptide that stimulates growth hormone release in healthy adult subjects. Made up of only 6 amino acids GHRP-2 makes it easier for subjects to build muscle mass and lose fatty deposits.

It is a synthetic agonist of ghrelin, the newly-discovered gut peptide which binds to the growth hormone secretagogue receptor. Ghrelin has been shown to have two major effects, stimulating both growth hormone secretion and appetite/meal initiation.

This means that a subject taking GHRP-2 will both increase the amount of growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland, and gain all the associated benefits in lean muscle growth and weight loss associated with this increase, and increase a subjects hunger. However this increase in hunger is much less significant than that associated with GHRP-6. It reduces the hunger attributes often associated with GHRP-6 significantly meaning it was not suitable for increasing food intake in healthy men even though it results in increased hunger.

It was also under investigation for the treatment of GHD and pituitary dwarfism and made it to phase II clinical trials for these indications.

GHRP-2 has also been reported to result in higher libido, better skin and hair quality among other attributes.

GHRP-2 is sold in vials containing 5MG of lyophilised powder which can be reconstituted by adding a convenient amount of sterile or bacteriostatic water.

Dosage protocol

Vial size: 5mg
Recommended dose: 50-300mcg per dose, at least twice per day, preferably 3 times per day, taken at least 30-60 minutes before a meal and at a time of non-elevated blood sugar.
Amount of water to add: 2.5ml of bacteriostatic water.
Resulting concentration: 2,000mcg/ml.
Recommended frequency of dose: Once per day.

Product FAQ

Developed for medical research, GHRP 2 is a peptide derived from the ghrelin hormone that naturally occurs in the body. This synthetic peptide has been used to stimulate muscle growth, support weight loss efforts and treat conditions related to hormones and aging. By acting on specific receptors of the hypothalamic-pituitary-somatotropin axis, GHRP 2 can help produce more natural GH.

Subjects can expect an increase in the body’s natural production of growth hormone and IGF-1, increased nutrient partitioning (utilization of nutrients within the body), decreased fat mass, and improved metabolic health.

The peptide targets the ghrelin hormone, activating it to produce higher growth hormones such as GH and IGF-1. This helps to create an anabolic environment in the body, allowing for muscle growth and a decrease in fat mass.

To ensure its efficacy and safety, extensive clinical research has been conducted on GHRP 2. One study reported that the effects of GHRP-2 were highly potent and had a noticeable impact on food intake for the subjects tested. Interestingly, those under treatment all reported feeling hungrier when taking GHRP-2.

GHRP 2 can be used with CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin, synthetic peptide compounds derived from the ghrelin hormone. GHRP-2 and CJC-1295 have demonstrated remarkable results through clinical trials on muscle growth, cardiac performance, improved immunity and decreased blood sugar levels while promoting lean body mass instead of fat deposition.