TIGHT 2.0 (RAD140) Increases Lean Muscle Mass

TIGHT 2.0 (RAD140) Increases Lean Muscle Mass

TIGHT 2.0 RAD-140 is a Selective SARM that can help increase lean muscle mass. It works by reinforcing the effects of testosterone without producing the unwanted side effects of using anabolic steroids.

A pharmaceutical company named Radius developed RAD-140 and they have published the results of their initial testing in 2010. They have completed the required phases of clinical testing with the RAD-140, so right now the drug is being reviewed by the FDA. Radius already submitted their Investigational New Drug Application with the department and once it is approved, they will market RAD-140 as Testolone.

TIGHT 2.0 RAD-140 Bodybuilding Benefits

Bodybuilders need to activate the body’s androgen receptors to promote human sexual development. Androgen receptors affect the development and functions of the muscle, bone, liver, and even the central nervous system. To activate these androgen receptors, the body uses testosterone. And to increase the amount of testosterone in the body, anabolic steroids are used.

However, a few adverse side effects are expected when anabolic steroids are introduced in the body for increased testosterone production. This is how the use of SARMs like RAD-140 comes into play. SARMs act like anabolic steroids but very selective in their action. They can actually stimulate androgen receptors without affecting the body’s testosterone levels, thus staying clear of the nasty side effects that come along with high quantities of testosterone in the body.

TIGHT 2.0 RAD-140 works by stimulating the function of the body’s hormonal receptors in the same way that increasing testosterone levels do. When this happens, all the benefits of RAD-140 are enjoyed. Of course, the primary benefit is increased muscle mass.

In a test done on monkeys, it was discovered that RAD-140 can increase lean tissues without increasing fat. This is why this substance is highly preferable for weight loss and fat loss. It works by increasing bone and muscle cells, which in turn, induces faster metabolism.

The subjects who have been tested on RAD-140 also report that their speed, stamina and endurance are enhanced when performing high-intensity workouts. This benefit is quite favorable for bodybuilders who want to work out longer and harder for better results. RAD-140 is known to help in optimizing most types of high-intensity interval training workouts.

More Benefits of TIGHT 2.0 RAD-140

There are a few other benefits of RAD-140 aside from what it provides the bodybuilding community. One of them is its possible use against breast cancer and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.  There are also studies being conducted showing RAD-140’s beneficial effects against prostate cancer.

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