Physique 400 2.0 – The Weird Secret To Building Lean Muscle Mass & Burning Fat At The Same Time

Building Lean Muscle Mass & Burning Fat

The Weird Secret To Building Lean Muscle Mass & Burning Fat At The Same Time
BY ROBERT PARKER – 29 June, 2020
In the past, if you were struggling to gain muscle mass, your only hope would be to compromise your health (and sexual prowess) with steroids.


The Secret to Building Muscle Arnold Wishes He Knew Back Then

If you’ve ever considered steroids as your only hope to stop being the skinny guy who just can’t pack on muscle, this might be unexpected…
Look, if you happen to be one of those people who have an incredibly hard time building muscle mass, despite all your daily efforts…
Chances are you’ve thought strongly at some point about using steroids (or perhaps you’ve gone past the thinking stage on this one).
It’s completely understandable, because, building muscle mass can be as slow and unrewarding as watching weeds grow. We live in a time where everybody demands results.

Yet, not everybody is willing to do their homework on what really goes on inside their bodies, which is why only very few people get a body they’re proud to show off anywhere, anytime.
In fact, if you’re reading this, I’m willing to bet you’re not really amazed with the results you’ve been getting so far…
Or perhaps your body was showing great progress, and suddenly…
It all stopped!
Is it time to reconsider going on steroids in order to have some chance at building the body of your dreams?
Fortunately for you, absolutely not!
Have you considered what it’d be like if you could get the FULL benefits of steroids…without having to actually use them?
Of course you have. Almost every single steroid user wishes there was a better alternative to running the risk of having their testicles shrink and becoming impotent, just to get an amazing body.
But again, all of these people who are unhappy with their current choice of anabolics have not taken the time to educate themselves on what actually works.
So, what can you really do about it?

Your Solution: Ligandrol (or LGD 4033)

In a nutshell, Ligandrol is getting on steroids, minus the steroids (and the ugly side effects).
It’s the strongest of all SARM’s (selective androgen receptor modulators) which are chemically identical to anabolic steroids.
“But, still, how is this possible?” You may wonder.
Well, imagine your body as a place of business. In order for that business to run smoothly, messages need to be communicated back and forth within the different needs and parts of your body so everything stays balanced.

And who are the messengers? Hormones. But not all hormones send the same type of messages. In this case, we’ll focus on androgens, which are responsible for male development.
Androgens tend to be perfectly well behaved and courteous in normal circumstances, greeting everyone at work, having boring and polite conversations with other hormones, and in general they achieve their purposes without any trouble.
But one day, androgens suddenly change their behaviour. They start screaming at other messengers, they’re rude, loud and act like they own the place.
And they’ve become so intimidating that the whole place submits to them and do whatever they say…
Probably by now, you’ve already figured out what happened.
When you get on anabolic steroids, what androgens do is suddenly change their behaviour and become a lot more aggressive. The messages they send are so many, your body has no choice but to comply, and give you that desired growth you’ve been looking for.

But here’s the catch: in order for your body to give you what you want, steroids will do irreversible damage within your body:

• Becoming Impotent
• Baldness
• Becoming infertile
• Liver Damage
• Breast development
• Mood Swings
• Shrinking of the testicles
• Depression
• High blood pressure

As you can see, steroids may have achieved their goal, but have completely destroyed their place of business in the process.
As depressing as this scenario may seem, there’s hope for you.
If anabolic steroids make your androgens loud, intimidating, and careless about your body, Ligandrol makes them assertive.
Instead of tumbling and shouting orders, Ligandrol teaches your androgen cells to get what they need, without disrespecting other messengers, or intimidate them.
Because of that, you are able to get the results you’d get with anabolic steroids, but without destroying your body or making your other hormones get out of control.
Ligandrol is, at this point, the closest alternative to anabolic steroids in terms of strength, muscle development and fat burn available to the public.
So now that you understand why SARM’s (Ligandrol in this case) are a far more educated choice when it comes to getting results without having your testicles shrink, let’s take a look at where you can get it.

Platinum Research Compounds Physique 400 2.0

The Platinum Research Compounds Physique 400 2.0 gives you the all of the benefits you’re looking for when it comes to Ligandrol, without the negative side effects.
Platinum Research Compounds has always set itself apart from the competition by delivering exactly what they promise, with free and fast shipping.
And the benefits the customers that have used Physique 400 2.0 are getting are simply great.

This is what they have to say about the product:

PHYSIQUE 400 2.0 it works!! great for ppl who have hit a plateau and or are looking to gain decent size without the sides, keep in mind these are not as so you will not get “that big” but its great to finally get a product that quite literally starts working after only a week, strength, stamina, vascularity, and of course better than natty hypertrophy gains, thankyou!!
So Far So Good! So far I’ve noticed good strength gains and pump. It’s only been about 3 weeks since the start of cycle but am impressed with the gains so far and the feeling of fullness. Endurance is also up while moving the weights.
I have found my recent order was exactly what I need to give me that little bit extra I was hoping for, I followed the recommendations that was explained on the site & will definitely being ordering again sometime soon p.s. the delivery was super quick too. Big thumbs up!!
GAINNNNNNSSSSS I’ve been taking the Physique 2.0 for 3 weeks now and I’ve noticed significantly improved strength and recovery. Also an increase in pump during workout and without any cardio harder and leaner!! Will definitely do another cycle!!
When taken consistently, Physique 400 2.0 has shown an increase in strength levels, lean muscle mass improved, a drop in body fat and healing properties. You get all of these benefits without the undesirable side effects caused by prohormones and anabolic steroids.
As you can see, it’s not just about trying any SARM, but to get the best quality available. Platinum Research Compounds superior formula gives you the edge when it comes to building a lean frame faster, more effectively, and without having gain a huge amount of fat in order to do it.
Physique 400 2.0 is a winner when it comes to unleashing your body’s potential. It’s time you put your health first, and try out the benefits the Platinum Research Compounds Physique 400 2.0 has for you.

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