Why Is LGD-4033 So Popular?

Why Is LGD-4033 So Popular?

For those who are unfamiliar with SARMS, let me fill you in. SARMS, which is short for selective androgen receptor modulators, are a new class of drugs designed to provide the anabolic (i.e. tissue building) benefits of steroids, but without the androgenic, estrogenic, and in many cases, cardiovascular side effects typically associated with general AAS.

This means you don’t have to deal with unwanted issues like gynecomastia (enlarged nipples), water retention, prostate problems, hair loss/growth, acne, oily skin, emotional issues, etc. Depending on the dose administered, they even have a very little effect on the HPTA, resulting in decreased suppression of natural testosterone production. Consequently, PCT is a easy and quick and recovery time is minimum.

Having recently completed Phase I human clinical trials, a mandatory step in the FDA approval process, PHYSIQUE 400 2.0 (LGD-4033) was found to be well tolerated, demonstrating no adverse events among test subjects. In terms of anabolic potential LGD-4033 performed impressively, resulting in significant increases in muscle size and strength within a short period of time. By all accounts, LGD-4033 appears to be a success, with a huge amount of positive user reviews since its release onto the peptide market.

As any experienced steroid user knows, the effects of AAS (Abuse of Anabolic Steroids) on cardiovascular health markers, such as blood pressure, hemoglobin, and lipids, are a major area of concern for anyone wishing to maintain good cardiovascular health. With traditional AAS causing elevations in all of these markers, often times into a dangerous range, finding a SARM capable of avoiding these adverse fluctuations has been a priority among researchers.

Fortunately, LGD-4033 passes with flying colours, with study results showing no change in blood pressure, hematocrit, hemoglobin, or lipids. However, it should be noted that at doses above 5 mg/day, HDL (good) cholesterol levels were lowered below the standard reference range, although they returned to normal upon stopping the drug.

Unlike most oral steroids, LGD-4033 is non-methylated and therefore lacks the liver toxicity typically present with methylated AAS. Confirmation was obtained when researchers evaluated liver function at both baseline and mid-study, revealing no meaningful alterations in liver readings. This advantage over oral AAS, in combination with minimal hematological disturbances, effectively lifts the cycle duration restrictions encountered with traditional orals. In other words, this SARM. can be cycled long-term without fear of hepatic dysfunction/injury.

Most men, at some point in their life, end up experiencing prostate enlargement, as well as elevated PSA readings. This is not a big deal if controlled, but can become serious if allowed to get out of hand. Steroids contribute to the problem by attaching to and activating receptor sites within the prostate, promoting hypertrophy and exacerbating any conditions which may be present, such as prostate cancer. For those of you that are getting older or who currently suffer from prostate problems, you will be happy to learn that LGD-4033 has no effect on PSA readings, due to its high degree of selectivity for muscle over the prostate and other organs/systems.
Like with AAS, gains with LGD-4033 are dose-dependent, allowing the individual to tailor their dose according to need.

In conclusion, LGD-4033 does exactly what a SARM. is supposed to do—provide strong anabolic effects without any significant external or internal side effects. Its mild nature makes it a great drug for beginners or for anyone else looking to improve their physique with minimal risk to their health, as well as for women who want to avoid the masculinizing effects of traditional anabolics. It can also be stacked with AAS and/or other SARMS in order to further boost muscle growth without placing additional stress on the body.

The Platinum Research Compounds PHYSIQUE 400 2.0 (LGD-4033) gives you the all of the benefits you’re looking for when it comes to LGD-4033, without the negative side effects.

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